KNOCKHARDY PUBLISHING produces notes and other resources for AS and A2 Level Chemistry. The module references are for the AQA and OCR examinations but the material applies equally well to other specifications. The pages are saved as PDF files and may be freely read and printed for personal use but they may not be revised or circulated in any other form without the consent of Knockhardy Publishing. JONATHAN HOPTON HELP SHEETS Last amended 7/01/2014 F321 F322 F323 F324 F325 Unit numbers refer to the OCR specification. However, the resources are suitable for all Examination  Boards.   If what you require is not here; it might be in one of the pre-2008 documents listed further down. NOTES REQUESTED BY STUDENTS AND TEACHERS ANIMATIONS MULTIPLE CHOICE TESTS IN HTML FORMAT These, and other, animated gifs are to be found inside my Powerpoint presentations. Complete topics summarised on one sheet Single page help sheets KNOCKHARDY MUSIC PUBLISHING KNOCKHARDY PRODUCTIONS KNOCKHARDY SCIENCE POWERPOINTS Email Knockhardy Publishing: Knockhardy Powerpoints are at: If you have any comments or ideas for additional resources, please get in touch. MECHANISMS ORGANIC INORGANIC PHYSICAL © 2011 Knockhardy Publishing and Jonathan Hopton FORMATION OF SODIUM CHLORIDE GCSE Chemistry resources:

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