gcse.htm ATOMIC STRUCTURE (1.1.1) NOTES Q1 Q2 Powerpoint PERIODIC TABLE ISOTOPES Y - - CALCIUM CARBONATE  (1.3.1) Powerpoint VEGETABLE OILS   (1.6) Powerpoint CHEMICAL BONDING  (2.1.1) Powerpoint STRUCTURE & BONDING (2.1.1) (2.2.1-4) Powerpoint RATES OF REACTION (2.4.1) Powerpoint ACIDS, BASES & SALTS (2.6.1-2) Powerpoint WATER (3.2.1-2) Powerpoint ELECTROLYSIS (2.7.1) Powerpoint THE EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE (1.7.2) Powerpoint ORGANIC CHEMISTRY (various) Powerpoint CRUDE OIL (1.4.1 / 1.5.1) Powerpoint POLYMERS (1.5.2) Powerpoint ANALYSING SUBSTANCES (2.3.2) Powerpoint CALCULATIONS INVOLVING FORMULAE Powerpoint GROUP I - THE ALKALI METALS (3.1.3) Powerpoint GROUP VII - THE HALOGENS (3.1.3) Powerpoint iGCSE Powerpoint NEW FOR 2010 - GCSE RESOURCES - NEW FOR 2010 OCR 21st Century Science ‘ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW’ SINGLE-PAGE SUMMARY SHEETS  C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 B1 B2 B3 P1 P2 P3 AQA Chemistry email Knockhardy Publishing: knockhardy.science@btinternet.com Over the last ten years I have been asked by many teachers and students if I had any GCSE resources. Time has worked against me but, now that I have retired, I will make a start on the project. Most of the resources will focus on the new AQA specification but the subject content applies to others. Jonathan Hopton Last update 7 JAN 2014 The resources on this site may be used for teaching and personal use only. Permission must be sought for reproduction of any original material if it involves financial gain. THERE IS MORE TO COME © 2011 Knockhardy Publishing and Jonathan Hopton KNOCKHARDY A LEVEL  RESOURCES KNOCKHARDY PRODUCTIONS KNOCKHARDY SCIENCE POWERPOINTS If you have any comments or ideas for additional resources, please get in touch. knockhardy@btinternet.com C3 (2011)