MATTHEW HOPTON (b. 1985) Matthew Hopton is a composer, pianist, choral and orchestral conductor and musical director. He set up Knockhardy Productions in 2008.     NICHOLAS HOPTON (b. 1979) Nicholas Hopton is a hymn writer, composer, arranger, organist and conductor. He is also a past director of the St Andrews University Madrigal Group. His religious work, ‘Lord You are My Island’ is included in ‘Celtic Hymn Book’ published by Kevin Mayhew. In 2010 he wrote the words and composed the music for ‘Malawi Womasuka’, which was released by Culford School in Suffolk to raise funds for charitable works in Malawi. MALAWI WOMASUKA  - A Song For Malawi’ Nicholas Hopton wrote the music and lyrics and was Musical Director for this single CD. Pupils from Culford School are actively involved in educational building projects and will be visiting the country again in 2011. Proceeds from the sale of the recording will be used to fund their charity projects in the African state. 'LORD YOU ARE MY ISLAND' IS INCLUDED IN...     Published by Kevin Mayhew     KNOCKHARDY HOME PAGE  KNOCKHARDY PRODUCTIONS    email: © Knockhardy Publishing 2011 Knockhardy Publishing publishes music by Matthew and Nicholas Hopton.